All stories start somewhere, once upon a time. Ours started during the college years. We were already interested in photography and videography but we would have never thought we will do it together as an enterprise one day. Our friendship and common interest made us start thinking about establishing our own, creative place to work. Thoughts became ideas, ideas became plans, that led us to implementation. This is how we created Studio Frames that we established not just to make money for living but to express our creativity and making other people happy. We had many satisfied clients during the past couple of years, thanks to being obsessed with our profession.

Tóth Balázs (photo) & Gacsal Zsolt (film)

Why choose us?

Photo and video from one service provider

There are many excellent service providers out there on the market that render photo only or video only services. We would like to emphasize our advantage here. We are a well organized team, looking at the same moment from different points of view. We are always trying to work unseen during the wedding, not bothering the couple, the other service providers and the flow of the wedding. Most of our couples used our photo and video services together so we have many years of experience working together as an art team.